April 1, 2020
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A combo file picture of Prashant Kishor (left) and Pavan Kumar. Photos: Ranjeet Kumar and Anu Pushkarna


JD(U) principal general secretary K.C. Tyagi cites ‘working and issuing statements against party and its chief’ as reasons

The Janata Dal (United) on Wednesday expelled party national vice-president Prashant Kishor and national general secretary Pawan Varma from its primary membership and other positions with immediate effect.JD(U) principal general secretary K.C. Tyagi issued a press release that said both the leaders have been expelled for working and issuing statements against the party and its chief.Reacting to his expulsion, Mr. Kishor tweeted, “thank you @NitishKumar .My best wishes to you to retain the chair of Chief Minister of Bihar.God bless you”.“From their actions and behaviour, it seems that both the leaders were not ready to be with the discipline of the party and wanted to be free”, said the one-page press release.On Tuesday, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said, “it’s okay if he [Kishor] stays…it’s okay if he goes from the party”.Mr. Kumar told journalists, “He works as a strategist for various parties but I want to make one thing clear. If he wants to remain in the party he will have to adhere to the basic structure of the party”. He had inducted Mr. Kishor into the JD(U) after “Amit Shah had asked him for this”, Mr. Kumar added.In 2018, Mr Kumar, to everyone’s surprise, made Mr. Kishor the party’s national vice-president while calling him as “future” of politics.Mr. Kishor tweeted to respond to Mr. Kumar’s statement, “@NitishKumar what a fall for you to lie about how and why you make me join JDU !! Poor attempt on your part to try and make my colour same as yours ! And if you are telling the truth who would believe that you still have courage not to listen to someone recommended by @Amitshah?”.Mr. Kishor also said he would come to Bihar after February 11 (Delhi results day) and respond to Mr. Kumar.Mr. Varma too recently put Mr. Kumar in an uncomfortable situation by writing a two-page letter to him, asking for his “ideological clarity” on ties with the BJP, beyond Bihar.Mr. Varma also cited some “private” references of communication with Mr. Kumar on the BJP-RSS in his letter.Mr. Kumar later snubbed Mr. Varma, saying: “He is free to go and join any other party he likes…he has my wishes”.After the expulsion of both the leaders, State JD(U) leaders like Sanjay Singh and Ajay Alok started attacking Mr Kishor. They said, “individual is not important than party…it was bound to happen …Mr. Kishor’s corporate shop has now been shut in Bihar”.

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